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Imagine a Facebook software so powerful that it could install profitable pages packed with your affiliate links bang in the middle of the world’s hottest traffic source, literally in a matter of seconds.

Congratulations! You’re the first to get your hands on Affiliate Fan Pages, an amazing new Facebook software which puts YOUR high-converting affiliate offers directly in the flow of over one billion Facebook users, without the need to pay for advertising or expensive programmers!

We believe this is the hottest, money-making Facebook software ever created and we’ve squeezed everything we’ve learned about Facebook over the past 5 years into the amazing package that we're offering to you today.

There are no cheats, loopholes or black-hat techniques here – this is just what you get when you fuse one of the most sought-after Facebook software products on the planet with rock solid affiliate marketing techniques that have stood the test of time.

And it all happens on Facebook, where nearly one-seventh of the planet’s population gathers every day ... just waiting for your amazing offers!

Now my guess is, if you’ve used any other Facebook software before you’re probably stuck with some horrible Wordpress based solution – or even worse, you’re still coding these things by hand?

LikeLet’s cut to the chase here – if you think that creating profitable pages on Facebook is hard work, you’re using the wrong tools.

And if Facebook marketing isn’t working for you, you must be doing it wrong!

Let’s face it, marketing on Facebook is like selling in a shop that’s constantly full to the brim ... if you’re not making sales in that kind of environment, you REALLY need our help here!

People who use our Facebook software love it ... and we just took a massive leap forwards with Affiliate Fan Pages version 2, it’s quite unique as a software product.

Thousands of people leapt at the chance to pick up the first release, and they're already enjoying the speed, simplicity and sheer profitability of this unique product.

GuaranteeBut with Affiliate Fan Pages version 2.0 we took a massive leap forwards, with a brand new, high-converting set of affiliate offers all done for you and a leaner, faster, simpler delivery system to get those offers in front of Facebook's billion-plus users as soon as humanly possible.

Everything is displayed at lightening speed because we host the entire software in the cloud ... so there’s no downloading involved, no problems using the software on a Mac or any of the other headaches you can run into with other crappy Facebook software – this thing just works ... and it works fast and furious!

And if you know about all the techie stuff that’s involved with Facebook Fan Pages here are the answers to your questions ...

YES we provide the SSL security

YES we host your images on our servers at no extra cost to you

YES you can use this alongside anything else you use to make Facebook Fan Pages

NO you most certainly don’t have to set up your own apps ... we leave that nonsense to the wannabe softwares, our software auto installs those for you.

Affiliate Fan Pages is easy to use and install – it takes minutes and all you have to do is insert your personal affiliate code so that YOU take the cash – easy!

We’ll give you 10 ready-made, done-for-you Fan Page templates packed with carefully selected and high converting affiliate offers ... there's no fuss, you just select which one you want to use, add your affiliate link, click 'save' and you're live on the internet!


Webmasters will charge you over $250 for just one of those templates – look, there’s a bill from a freelancing site, these things cost a fortune if you do it yourself – so you’re getting great value with this fantastic package today!

Elance screen shot

Just to be clear if you’re new to marketing on Facebook, you must have an existing Facebook account of course - you can’t really market on Facebook without one, unless you’re paying for adverts - but don't worry, we'll show you exactly how to do that ... it takes about 1 minute and that bit is free of course!

By the way, you get a full set of ‘how to’ videos included in today’s price, we’re not going to leave you to figure it out on your own ... just what you need to get you started really fast, however you learn best.

DVD caseOh, and there’s also a special video dedicated to solving the number 1 problem on the internet – having set up your great Facebook power pages, how the heck do you drive traffic to them – well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too.

And what about 'Fan Gates' or 'Like Pages' as they're known, you'd expect us to include those wouldn't you?

With Affilate Fan Pages you NEVER leave empty handed, Fan Gates are built in as standard, they don't cost extra, and you can use them on as many of your available tabs as you want, we never limit you.

And they're so easy to use, your Granny could do it - we believe in making life sweet and simple with Affiliate Fan Pages, you can have your first Fan Gate set up in under 5 minutes ... seriously!

So, if you want to get your hands on the fastest, easiest and most profitable affiliate marketing toolkit for Facebook, just click the 'Add To cart' button below.

New versionYou’ll be using the software in just minutes from now – you’ve seen how easy it is – and for the first time you’ll be able to junk all those other softwares which make it all seem like hard work and put yourself right in the flow of a Facebook marketing whirlwind.

You're covered by our 60 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee too - so if for some crazy reason you don't completely fall in love with this product ... well, no worries, we'll give you your money back.

Remember, Facebook has over 1 billion users - there has never been a free source of web traffic quite like it ... and you can be set up and marketing to those hungry-to-buy prospects in no time at all using our amazing, cloud-based software ...

So put your own profitable affiliate offers directly in the path of hundreds of thousands of worldwide Facebook users and cash-in on this massive goldrush with no technical headaches whatsoever!

Join the legions of fans who can't get enough of Affilate Fan Pages ... just click on that 'Add To Cart' button below and we’ll see you inside!




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