Our Process

Discover the Project Scope

When you come to us with a problem or a job, understanding your exact requirement is most important. We try to learn the specifics of the issue and how we can go about solving the problem. Setting up this scope of your project is the most vital first step to provide you the best solution.

Client Engagement

In the next step we need to find out the fundamental details and many specific nitty- gritty of the project. We often gather these by discussions with the clients over phone or chat. Filling up our project details form or sending a proper project outline or brief also speed up the process.

Design & Development

This is where the custom design and development work for your project begins. For us all projects are unique and based on your goal we work on it. At the design stage where the look and feel of the website is done to the development stage where important functions and features are added, we keep your need and choice in mind.

Deliver the Job

This is the most satisfying part. When the website or product is ready we deliver it to you and make it go live. We provide you all the important files and folders, and also upload these to your web server. We wait for your cross checking and confirmation before we considering it as complete.

Maintenance & Hand holding

In most cases our job does not end when your job is delivered. As your business keeps evolving, your requirements also keep growing. Our support team provide you with updates, maintenance and training services for a seemless experience. Its just the beginning of our long relationship!